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Coin Runner competition version - updated

Made by Danik for Ludum Dare 21 "Escape".
Press D to die and get to the results/upgrades/leaderboard screen.
This game was made in 48 hours, so it is unpolished and buggy.

As the competition is over, I have tweaked it a little and fixed some bugs:

- You can now type 'r' in the highscore name box.
- Enemies difficulty is reset when you die.
- It's now less random if you kill the enemy or get killed. As long as you are higher, you stomp on them.
- You are now slightly faster from the start.
- Fixed the occasional impassable wall.
- Added next/prev page buttons to leaderboard.
- Disabled duplicate scores :).

The leaderboard is still not working occasionally, sorry about that. I will not spend more time on this version as I'm making a whole new game out of this: http://blog.danikgames.com/?p=484

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