Apr 162012

Next weekend Ludum Dare happens for the 23rd time, and it will be the ten year anniversary of the competition!

As you might know, I released an early version of the pixel editor, now called PyxelEdit, for the Ludum Dare community. Even though it is far from complete, I wanted to share what I had because I think it’s cool and could be useful for making quick graphics for LD.

I have not yet decided exactly what to do with the editor. Right now I’m refactoring the code because there is a lot of prototype code in there, the data and representation is not fully separated etc. This will make the code much easier and faster to work with in the long run, but it also means there won’t be any updates for a while (more than small fixes to the LD version if needed).

In the mean time, you can get the LD version of the editor here: http://danikgames.com/stuff/pyxeledit/

Here is a demo video (sligtly outdated):

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