Mar 102011

I’m working on a shooter written in the Monkey language. It’s a new cross-platform programming language that can generate code for a whole bunch of platforms including Win, Mac, HTML5, Flash, iOS, Android and more. It’s a really simple language that resembles BASIC. It is kind of limited since is has to work on all those platforms, but I’m having lots of fun playing with it.

Here’s what I’ve got so far. Enemies just keep on spawning at the moment, so it’s kind of repetitive. 😛
Chrome recommended for performance. IE doesn’t even work yet (until IE9 which is coming out in a couple of days.)

There are currently two control schemes:

Mouse – aim and shoot
Arrows – move


Z – strafe
X – shoot
Arrows – move.

Space drops a bomb in both cases. And you shoot backwards. 🙂

I haven’t decided on which to use yet, if you have any feedback make a comment!

PLAY GAME! (Note: Lots of flashing going on. If you have epilepsy be aware!)

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