Apr 162012

Next weekend Ludum Dare happens for the 23rd time, and it will be the ten year anniversary of the competition!

As you might know, I released an early version of the pixel editor, now called PyxelEdit, for the Ludum Dare community. Even though it is far from complete, I wanted to share what I had because I think it’s cool and could be useful for making quick graphics for LD.

I have not yet decided exactly what to do with the editor. Right now I’m refactoring the code because there is a lot of prototype code in there, the data and representation is not fully separated etc. This will make the code much easier and faster to work with in the long run, but it also means there won’t be any updates for a while (more than small fixes to the LD version if needed).

In the mean time, you can get the LD version of the editor here: http://danikgames.com/stuff/pyxeledit/

Here is a demo video (sligtly outdated):

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Apr 082012

This week I have had a lot of free time, so I started working on a new project. It’s a pixel editor inspired by Pro Motion and Pixothello with some special features to make the process of making pixel art more streamlined and fun. Some of the features can be seen in the screenshot below. The basic editor is working pretty solidly. I plan to work hard on it the coming days adding animation support and probably a lot of other stuff. In the mean time, enjoy this screenshot.

If you have any name suggestions I’d appreciate it. Pretty much anything with “pixel” seems to be taken. 🙂

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Jan 302012

This weekend me and about 10000 others around the world participated in the annual Global Game Jam, the largest game jam in the world. The theme was this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouroboros. Me and my team made a game called Planet of Yrwys (You Reap What You Sow) featuring a hungry harvesting robot:

The game is about a robot, endlessly walking on the surface of a small planet. To survive you have to plant seeds, which turn into plants that you can harvest for more seeds, and so on. To make the task more complicated, you keep going faster and faster, and there is a hungry Capybara eating any of the plants he comes across. Colliding with the Capybara or a plant that has been left too long and turned into a thorny dead bush will make you drop all your seeds!

Each time you complete a circle, you need to eat one seed for energy, and if you pass the flag without any seeds you loose.

I made the graphics and music and a little bit of the programming. Andreas Bjerkeholt (Harteex), Disa Faith (Disaia) and Robert Edström (Legogris) did the programming, and we all made the game design together.

You can find out more, and try the game here: http://globalgamejam.org/2012/planet-yrwys. To run it you need Windows and the XNA runtime, but that should download automatically in the installer I believe. You can also use an Xbox controller if you have one.


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Jun 262011

I have made it possible to load/save presets as base64 strings, so that people can share brush presets easily. I used this lib for as3: base64-optimized-as3-lib. The nice thing about this is that the presets are text strings, and can be posted in comments, shared by mail or IM, or any other kind of text communication. The base64 string represents a serialized flash Object-object, storing key-value pairs for each setting, so it should be possible to make presets specifying just some of the settings, while leaving the rest, although in this version all the settings are stored.

You can save the base64 string in a text document at the moment as it’s not possible to save them in the application, but I have added some hard coded presets you can try using the numbered buttons. (they can be accessed with keys 0-9 aswell)

Presets window

To open the preset window, click Presets in the panel or press P. To make a base64 string for your brush, click “Generate base64”, and copy the text. To use a base64 brush that someone sent you, just paste it in the text area and click “Load from base64”.

Open FloralParticles 0.45

You can share presets in the comments below if you want. I might even add good ones as standard presets in the application. 🙂

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Jun 222011

Some of the new features:

  • Improved line rendering
  • Color mixing
  • Multi-step undo/redo
  • Fade-To-Color setting
  • Save to PNG (lossless and faster)
  • Background vignette (toggleable)
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Mouse smoothing
  • New spawner behaviours
  • Opacity setting, global and fading per particle

Open FloralParticles 0.4

Any suggestions or feedback are welcome, just post a comment below.

Floral Particles 0.4

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Jun 212011

I’ve been adding a lot of new features, including a new line rendering method using polygons which looks much better than just using line drawing in flash. That enabled the neat “tire track” effect you can see in the first image, by using a negative bias for first edge the polygons.

Also added is an opacity slider, speed multiplier, a bunch of new controls for the brush behaviour, a color mixing slider which makes the particles pick up the colors from the canvas and a bunch of other stuff. It’s a lot of fun!

A runnable is coming soon.

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Feb 072011

A flash experiment traces a path which is affected by gravity from planets. You can move the planets around to make interesting shapes. You can also add more planets and scale them.

Updated! Cleaned it up and added more controls. You can now change the number of steps the ray traces and a bunch of other things.

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