Mar 132011

This is my entry for MiniLD 25 with the theme “The worst game you have ever made”. The goal was to make the worst game you have ever made. It was suprisingly hard not to make little improvements here and there, it’s something I usually do without thinking.

Near the end the game was pretty good, so I tried to make it worse by adding random control glitches where the player shoots automatically and the controls are reversed. 🙂

I made the player image in photoshop in literally about a minute, then inverted the image in order to make the enemy. 😛 Then I just added as many effects as possible, random scaling, rotations depending on position, a psychadelic background that shifts color etc.

The only thing that can hurt you is your own bullets, they bounce back at you from the edge of the screen. The enemies come from the other side, so you have to go back around them or bounce your bullets on the edge. To make the game extra annoying your bullets predict where you are going (basically they get your y-speed) so that they hit you unless you change your speed.

Shooting an enemy earns you 1 point and getting hit loses you 1 point. You win if you get 1000 points.

Programming, graphics and music by me, sound effects made using as3sfxr. Programmed in Monkey. Enjoy! (or don’t 😛 )
Entry page on the Ludum Dare site:


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