Apr 082012

This week I have had a lot of free time, so I started working on a new project. It’s a pixel editor inspired by Pro Motion and Pixothello with some special features to make the process of making pixel art more streamlined and fun. Some of the features can be seen in the screenshot below. The basic editor is working pretty solidly. I plan to work hard on it the coming days adding animation support and probably a lot of other stuff. In the mean time, enjoy this screenshot.

If you have any name suggestions I’d appreciate it. Pretty much anything with “pixel” seems to be taken. :)

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  • Diego Machado

    Man, that’s awesome. Looks like a Pixothello in a more solid state, at least I hope! Good job! :)
    Looking forward to see it working. Hope you open-source it so we can help you.

    • http://Danikgames.com Danik

      Thanks! I will make a video soon to show it in action.
      I’m definitely considering open-sourcing it, but I haven’t decided yet. It would be nice to make some money off it too (gotta make a living :) ), donations maybe?

  • Eric

    Looks sweet. How far is it from being done? It looks like it can boost my productivity pretty significantly.

    • http://Danikgames.com Danik

      It’s hard to say. The basic drawing, tile referencing and so on is pretty much done, so that part is already useful. The big next step is adding animation support.

    • http://Danikgames.com Danik

      I recorded a short preview video. 

  • AsselinPaul

    If you can, yeah Open Source it.
    Great work, i really like coming back to this blog.