Jun 172012

Pyxel Edit is now in public beta and you can get it at http://pyxeledit.com/

Pyxel Edit is a drawing application aimed at making pixel art. It has features to make it faster and easier to make low resolution art like tile sets for games. It’s made using Adobe Air, runs on Windows and Mac, and is currently in beta.

What’s special about it?
You can draw freeform like in any other program, you can also draw and place tiles. If you have multiple instances of a tile and edit one, they all update. This still works if some of the instances are flipped or rotated. This is really nice when making tile sets, as you can instantly see how all the tiles work together as you draw them. This feature is inspired by the awesome Pixothello and Cosmigo Pro Motion, but taken one step further.

Tileset importing
Pyxel Edit can import images of tilesets or mockups and identify all the unique tiles automatically, which is great for editing and rearranging old tile sets or doing edits of mockups.

Tilemap exporting
The tilemap can be exported to XML or plain text, making Pyxel Edit also useable as a level editor. Just export the tileset image and the tilemap, and you are ready to load it into your game!

How much does it cost?
The beta is free. In the future there might be a free and a paid “pro” version.

Future features
In addition to adding lots of small features, new tools, better menus and polishing the UI, animation support is planned.

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