Jun 262011

I have made it possible to load/save presets as base64 strings, so that people can share brush presets easily. I used this lib for as3: base64-optimized-as3-lib. The nice thing about this is that the presets are text strings, and can be posted in comments, shared by mail or IM, or any other kind of text communication. The base64 string represents a serialized flash Object-object, storing key-value pairs for each setting, so it should be possible to make presets specifying just some of the settings, while leaving the rest, although in this version all the settings are stored.

You can save the base64 string in a text document at the moment as it’s not possible to save them in the application, but I have added some hard coded presets you can try using the numbered buttons. (they can be accessed with keys 0-9 aswell)

Presets window

To open the preset window, click Presets in the panel or press P. To make a base64 string for your brush, click “Generate base64”, and copy the text. To use a base64 brush that someone sent you, just paste it in the text area and click “Load from base64”.

Open FloralParticles 0.45

You can share presets in the comments below if you want. I might even add good ones as standard presets in the application. :)

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  • http://jpauclair.net/ jpauclair

    This is awesome!
    A tool like this one should not be free 😉 it’s pure fun just to click random and try. 

    Thanks for sharing my lib by the way.

    • http://Danikgames.com Danik

      Thanks jpauclair! It’s free for the moment, for future versions who knows…? Also thanks for the lib, it was really useful and fast.

      • http://jpauclair.net/ jpauclair

        I would suggest you to add a Google Tracker pageview on the base64 Export.
        If somebody is exporting a preset, it might be good to asume that it’s because it’s nice!
        Then you could put back the list on your blog and let the community create an awesome list of presets. 

        • http://Danikgames.com Danik

          That’s a nice idea, I will look into that!

  • d

    FloralParticles is amazing!!!! Danik, can I use 0.5 version to create graphics for commercial games?

    Best regards

    • http://Danikgames.com Danik

      Sure feel free to use it for what you like.
      Let me know what you use it for, it’s always interesting to know. :)

  • kounsokiri

    Hi Danik, i Really love Floral Particles, i think it would really rock as a generator for Resolume wich can load .SWF’s .. But i would like to assign and automate some of the parameters for that they need to be published controllers… I don’t know if you feel like open up the source….

    • http://Danikgames.com Danik

      Hi Koundokiri,
      That sounds interesting! The code probably needs
      some clearing up if I’m going to make it open source, and I’m really busy at the moment, but I think I could do that at some point. How soon would you need it?

      • kounsokiri

        Well i don’t really need it… But for one it would be cool if the code Could be easily implemented with other data like MIDI Or Osc or MAX/MSP/Jitter for musicians and VJ’s… cause it can do some nice twisted curves

        • http://Danikgames.com Danik

          Alright, I’ll see what I can do. :)

          • kounsokiri

            He DAnik Is it maybe possible to give the code so i can work on it…?

          • http://Danikgames.com Danik

            I’ll try to take the time to look at it this weekend.

          • http://Danikgames.com Danik

            I don’t have time to clean up the code and check so I’m not breaking any licenses so I won’t open source it right now, but send me a mail and I will give it to you.

          • kounsokiri

            kounsokiri at gmail dot com