Feb 122012

Sos at Ludum Dare arranged nanoLD – make a game in 48 minutes. I got the theme RTS and made this. (the theme was random each time you loaded the page but I didn’t realise that until afterwards)
I spent an extra couple of minutes fixing a few bugs afterwards, so maybe 55 minutes in total.

48 min RTS

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Dec 192011

I entered the Ludum Dare game making competition this weekend as usual. The theme was “Alone”. I didn’t have any immediate ideas, so I began by making the basis for a platformer with the theme in mind. Then it sort of evolved as I came up with things I thought would be cool to add.


The tools I used:

  • Flashdevelop (IDE)
  • Flashpunk (Game library)
  • Photoshop
  • Audition (sound editing)
  • Cubase (music)
  • Chronolapse (timelapse recording)

I decided early on to make it atmospherical, and I put a lot of focus on the effects, sounds, music and animation.

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