Hi there!

I'm Daniel, a developer and artist, although I like to dabble with a lot of things. Below you'll find games and other stuff that I've made. Click the button to the right to find out what I'm up to at the moment.
You can contact me by mail at danik@[this domain].
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Pyxel Edit

A pixel art, tileset and animation tool aimed at making art for games. It's currently in development and a beta is available from the website.


Click to go to the Pyxel Edit web page

Aether Command

2012. A mix of a platformer and space command. Made for Ludum Dare on the theme Tiny World.

PLAY (Flash)

Click to play Aether

Raven Wood

2011. An athmosperic platformer made for Ludum Dare on the theme Alone.

Also try the Xmas Edition.

PLAY (Flash)

Click to play Raven Wood

The World Above

2011. Made for Ludum Dare on the theme It's dangerous to go alone. Take this!

I made it in 48h without any game libraries, so it's rushed and the collision detection and stuff is pretty rough. I have an updated version in development that I need to finish off sometime.

PLAY (Flash)

Click to play The World Above

Floral Particles

Started out as an experiment with particle path drawing, but turned into a drawing application. Has a brush-preset text generator, allowing you to share brushed by simply sending a bit of text.

START (Flash)

Click to start Floral Particles. (flash)

The Secret Documents

2010. Grab the secret documents and find the exit while avoiding being discovered in this platformer.

Made for game making competition Ludum Dare on the theme Discovery.

Made using the Flashpunk library and FlashDevelop.

PLAY (Flash)

Click to play The Secret Documents in your browser. (flash)

Alien Abduction of Aliens

2010. A shooter where you beam up the aliens and use them as ammo.

Made for game making competition Ludum Dare on the theme Enemies as Weapons.

PLAY (Java Applet)

Click to play Alien Abduction of Aliens. (java applet)